Friday, 8 September 2006

>>> Creativity Strikes! <<<

The same Postie brought me another parcel from Gina's Craft Ideas and it contained my Cropper Hopper file folders. Great. Now I can sort my patterned papers properly as I was reaching a stage where I really have no idea how much patterned paper I possessed. Wish I could have brought back my stack of cardstocks from Singapore as I had subscribed to a monocromatic cardstock kit last year and I've got the entire range of colours!!! Currently I don't possess much now and what I got comes from the kits. But to be honest, I much prefer using either white or black cardstocks as I find I work better with them. I've no problem getting white textured cardstocks cheaply but find the black ones are a little difficult. I'm not really that brand conscious i.e using only Bazzill one but as long as it's textured, it suits me fine!

Went to Loopy Lou's Moms and Toddlers group. I've been going there for the past one year and I've only got about 3 weeks before I will have to stop going once Zac starts nursery. It does him a bit of good to get out and play with other kids. Then went off to the shops where I spied upon a broom and a dustpan with long handles. I've been on a hunt for it for a while as mine has progressively gotten shorter and needed a new one. However I wasn't too pleased using it as it felt weird and caused me undue stress to my arms! Maybe, I'm just too used to the old one! Got myself a 20x15" canvas too as I intend to do a highlight of our vacation instead of doing LOs. I've already done LOs of previous trips to Singapore and it's no point repeating it so will do a canvas so that I can hang it up in my scrapping den. I VOW to get this done!!!

Started on a LO in the afternoon. Once I have an idea what I want to do, it is easy. However, I had to juggle between the demands of a 3 yr old boy and my LO. Managed to get most bits stucked on before doing the school run.

Brother-in-law popped by in the evening to borrow the radiators. His house is undergoing renovations at the moment and they have no heating. Hubby fortunately came back home early too so got him to sort out dinner instead as what I wanted to cook initially wouldn't have sat well with BIL as he doesn't eat seafood! So we had pork chops instead.

Hubby is in the midst of fixing the toilet sink. We bought a new one to replace the gubby pink sink. We initially had plans to redo the toilet entirely but was told it was take 2 weeks to complete so I decided against it... imagine, 2 weeks without a toilet in the house since we only have 1 miserable bathroom in this house! Instead, we are just changing bits inside until we can get another toilet fixed downstairs. It's amazing how a bit of touchup can change the image completely. We re-painted the walls and replaced the vinyl flooring. Now it looks much fresher. Now all that is left is to replace the ugly pink bath tub! Yup, we inherited a pinkish suite with pinkish tiles from the previous owners! Can I say how freakin' awful it looks!

Spent the nite touching up on my LO. One down and 2 to go. Off to create another one now... can you not tell I'm on a roll...... TTFN!

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Lucky you having your Mojo if you could send some my way please