Tuesday, 26 September 2006

>>> Music! <<<

Today saw the start of violin lessons for Ollie. He has it in school FOC. After the lesson, the teacher announced more classes held in various places... every Thursday 4p at the Junior School and certain Fridays at the Birmingham Conservatoire from 5-6pm. I want him to take up music as I feel it's important for him. He does play it well so I don't any reason not to take it up seriously. I only wish that my parents had insisted on me carrying on with piano lessons as they allowed it to slide when I made noise but then when you have to play the same note over and over again, of course you make noise!!! I will encourage Ollie to carry on with his violin. He has expressed interest in guitar but I think one step at a time!

A little toot for me... one of my LOs has been accepted for publication in an UK magazine. Not gonna get overly excited until I've seen it in print!

Right, gonna try and play with my new Autumn Leaves stamps that arrived today. Got my Rhonna Farrer Swirls v2 stamps and Katy Pertiet Journalling stamps. Have to say that these stamps are so popular that they sold out each time they are in stock in Lifetime Moments store, an US online store. Had to get them from the States as they have not arrived in the UK yet. I tend to buy a lot of my stamping supplies from the States as I can't usually find them in UK or if I do, they are ridicuously expensive! Itching to scrap now.

I leave with a LO done using Daisy D's Girlfriends papers. A family LO taken on a recent trip to Kelong Tricola, Tanjong Pinang, Indonesia... TTFN!

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