Tuesday, 12 September 2006

>>> Quake Doctor! <<<

Brought Zac to see a doctor regarding his snorty nose... as usual, the normal comment... 'it's a viral infection'. He has had a running nose for the whole of last school terms and even when we were in Singapore. How does a viral infection last that long?!!! Anyway, the doctor that I saw is considered to be a quake! He isn't that good so I will have to seek second opinion and if I do get the same answer, will have to activate the private health care service! I don't want him to go through another school term with snorty nose again!!!

Postie brought me a Multi Retro alpha clear stamp from My Sentiments Exactly. Having used it at a friend's place, I wanted it so badly as it reminded me of QK Katie font. I luv that font. Found it at a UK online store for £13ish excluding postage. Checked out US Ebay and got it for less than half the price including postage (£6ish). That's me, always searching out for bargains! I've this fetish for stamps in any forms... clear, unmounted, foam etc. Just got Rhonna Farrer latest Flourishes v2 too but awaiting confirmation. Got my eye on Autumn Leaves journalling stamps too but I think I can easily create that image to be honest so might skip it. Will keep my eyes peeled for other stamps instead!

In the evening, organised my scrapping den a little. Discovered a pizza box filled with papers and had to sort them out accordingly. Now I'm really overwhelmed at the number of stuff that I possess! It's wayyyyy too much! I swear that I will stop buying new items until I somehow make use of the existing stuff!!! Thankfully, I re-sorted all my stash supplies so that I can see them easily and therefore use them as well. I soooo wanted to scrap badly! TTFN!

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