Monday, 7 January 2013

~ Art Journal Caravan 2013: Itinerary #1 ~

Tangie has completely revamp the Art Journal Caravan and changed the theme. This year we are visiting countries and the first port of call is the United Kingdom. After pondering over it, I've chosen to do Famous People and went for Shakespeare. I did his books for Literature (both at 'O' and 'A' Levels). My favourite has to be Macbeth. I really must go and see the play. So here's my tribute to the Bard!

Anna Aspnes: Artsy Kardz Storm, ArtPlay Palette Storm
Maya de Groot: Cheerio
Font: SmithyXY-Very Heavy

yOn my page, the quote came from 'As You Like It'. The image of the 3 women are the witches from Macbeth. The words on the top left hand corner is from Othello and the characters involved in the play. Finally, found a leaflet about Anthony and Cleopatra (that has got to be the most boring play I've done... maybe it was the teacher who taught it... he made it so boring that many students skipped his lecture, moi included). I have to say, I had so much fun doing this page. Shakespeare and related images are taken from the web. Found some interesting images which I incorporated into this page. If I have time, might do another page as there is so much to talk about the UK! TTFN!

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