Friday, 13 May 2011

~ Scrap Factor & A Sigh Of Relief! ~

Found out today that I'm still in the competition. Didn't make the bottom two! Thanks to those who voted me in. So with voting over, here's what I did for Week 4. The challenge this week was to focus on journaling.

My journaling focus on the use of FaceTime. A feature on iPhone4. I discovered how useful it is and have been using it to communicate with friends and family overseas! Yup, and the call is completely free, provided both parties have a wifi connection. And the clarity and the sound ... perfect! In fact, it has been implemented on iTouch 4th Generation too and as a result, my boys and their cousin have been in contact very frequently. It appears to be on iPad2 and the new Macbooks too so chatting with my dad will be so much easier now (he's gonna be getting a iPad2 soon). So how not to like FaceTime?!! Moneysaver and it's so much nicer chatting face to face too. 
Anna Aspnes' ArtPlay Special One kit
Anna Aspnes' Flutterby FotoBlenz Mask
Anna Aspnes' Descriptive Word Transpers
Katie Pertiet's LetterBox Clusters No7
Katie Pertiet's 2011 Postmark
TaylorMade & Vicki Stegall's Family Ties
LivEdesigns' Tape It Up Noted 2
Fonts: Adler & Pea Marie-Christine

I went bold and decided to try an artsy LO (bear in mind that I did this last week). I bought an Anna Aspnes kit and it had all the ingredients needed to make this LO! Probably not everyone's cup of tea but I like it and that's all it matters! Kinda remind me of an art journal but minus the mess and inky fingers!

Next week's theme is out ... focus on a single photo. I've done mine and it will be up on Monday, ready for voting. Went for a softer approach this time due to the photo I used but included a new technique that   I learnt this week ... custom text shape. I bought a tutorial by Cassie Jones on Custom text paths and shapes and it has been so useful. Her PDF notes are so easy to follow. Let's see how it goes. I'm treating this competition as a learning curve for me, implementing a new technique each time I create a LO. This week was doing an artsy LO, and it was sheer fun, throwing in various elements and seeing how they gel together. 

A very busy weekend coming up.... and so is next week too! Looking forward to a weekend where there's nothing on (so I can dig into my numerous Phototshop tutorials). TTFN!

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