Saturday, 21 July 2007

>>> Family Day! <<<

The day started out early with swimming lessons for the boys! Oliver did well while Zac struggled. Later we were told to switch Zac to a lower level group as he needed a coach in the water with him. Luckily there is a place left for him on Friday at 4pm.

After swimming, we headed towards Ikea to get some home stuff. Left the boys at the soft play area while we did our shopping. We even managed to get an English breakfast for £1!!! No wonder they were lots of hungry shoppers queuing up for it!

Then it was back to Birmingham Town Centre. The boys wanted a transformer toy but we couldn't find one at the Entertainer so we ended up in Woolworths where they did get their toy and I got my Harry Porter book for £6.99! What a bargain!

Back home, worked on my Best of British entry. As usual, last minute again! TTFN!

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