Friday, 6 July 2007

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Found this on Toni's blog!

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Had a great day yesterday! It was Family day at Zac's nursery and hubby and I attended. Basically it was a chance to spend time with Zac at Nursery and to see what he does there. Gosh, that boy is a whirlwind! He was just everywhere! He didn't fancy painting or sitting down to do crafty stuff but much prefer the outdoor activities. We can see why he enjoyed going to Nursery as he has so much to do there!

Cut and paste with daddy

Outdoor, on the slide

Building sandcastles

Playing with mummy on the balancing blocks. Gosh, he can really
run fast on those blocks.

Building cars using magnetic blocks

We were there for 2 hours after which, we both headed (in different cars - hubby had to return to work and I had no desire to go home by public transport!) to Birmingham town centre. It's Oliver's birthday this month and he wanted a Ben 10 watch. So we bought a few Ben 10 stuff at the Entertainer. Hubby wanted to buy the same watch for Zac but I argued against it as it's Oliver's and not Zac's birthday. It's not fair to the birthday boy if his brother gets the same toy as him. Anyway, we did get Zac another Ben 10 watch but of cheaper value! Beside, knowing Zac, that toy will be chucked aside once he has had enough! Ben 10 is the latest cartoon that my boys love and we found it on Cartoon Network! Strangely that channel manifested on my cable and Cbeebies have since been forgotten!

After shopping, hubby and I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant. I was given the choice of Wagonmana or tim sum.... of course I went for the obvious! Nothing like ha kau, siew mai and duck hor fun to cheer me up, top with chilli oil! Mmmmm

siew mai

duck hor fun

Got home to find a slip from the PO about a parcel. So drove off to collect it and it was my kit from Kristina Contes!

Gosh, it's a mini-album kit and she had given instructions for it via email! It contains a rubber stamp from Purple Onion, Hambly, Amy Butler fabric, American Craft 6x6 ring album/felt thickers/papers and other bits and pieces. Now to get down to fill it as I don't do mini albums often but think I've got an idea what to do!!! TTFN!

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