Wednesday, 7 November 2007

>>> Manchester Again! <<<

We had to go up to Manchester again for another dose of osteopathic treatment for the boys. A senior consultant was around and he had a long chat with hubby regarding Oliver. Poor boy is having slight problem internally, apparently something to do with his diaphragm and tummy. I feel so guilty... wish I had him via caesarian in the first place. He wouldn't be in this condition as the poor boy was stuck inside me for more than 24 hours and probably came out feeling very stressed! Also wished I knew about this treatment when he was a baby... it would have solved so much problems that he had as a toddler. The boys need 2 further treatments so we will be up in Manchester in 2 weeks time. I've to say the treatment worked wonders for Zac. He always had sinus problems at nite and in the morning when he wakes up. Even sometime in the middle of the nite too. I brought him to see a GP but all I got was a bottle of antihistamines. He can't be taking medicine all his life! Anyway the treatment certainly alleviated his sinus problems in that he doesn't suffer so much from blocked nose now. These days he sleeps far better without waking up and crying about his blocked nose. However there's still tension around his cranial area that needs alleviating. Sometimes when traditional medicine doesn't work, one has to seek alternative methods of treatment and osteopathic treatment helps tremendously!!!

After the treatment, we headed for the The Trafford Centre to look around. Impressed with the building but can't say I was impressed with the shops.... the same old kinds that you can find in Birmingham. Boring!!! Needless to say we walked out empty-handed! Yup, we merely and literally window-shopped! Good thing about it is that I burnt off tons of calories just walking around!

Tomorrow I'll be helping out at the Banana Frog stand at the NEC Hobbycraft show. That will be fun! TTFN!

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