Wednesday, 28 November 2007

>>> Grrrr! Major Rant! <<<

Why is it that there is a dismal of colour selection in the boys department? I was out trying to get a purple t-shirt, a yellow shirt and a red trousers but could I find any in those colours .... Nada, Zilch and NO!!!! So frustrating!!! When I looked at the girls aisle, what an array of colours! It's so unfair. The only colours I could find in the boys section was all shades of blue, black, green and colours that boys usually wear. No yellow, purple or red!!! Perhaps a red top but as for trousers, zilch! Why the sexism or discrimination for boys? You can bloody buy a pink shirt in the adult men's section yet for little boys, they have to be dressed in drappy colours! Sigh!

Rant over.... have to try and raid the wardrobe to see what I can dress Zac in as he has a Letterland day on Friday and supposed to come in a letter character. TTTFN!

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