Saturday, 3 November 2007

>>> Dental Care! <<<

Received a letter from our Dental Clinic telling us that they will no longer accept NHS patients. So now we have to pay consultation charges at £25 an adult and £12.50 for a child. What a bummer! Gosh that's gonna cost us well over £100 after they are done with us as we have our dental check-up together. I'm surprised Hubby's work doesn't have any dental plan! We do fortunately have private health care but they should add dental into the scheme too. Just so amazed how essential services like dental care, eye care (i.e spectacles) cost a massive bomb here!

Today was a day of grocery! Headed to Tesco early in the morning to stock up on next week's food. As it's getting colder, had to stock up the pantry as I tend to be slightly hungrier during this season! Food bill was almost double what we usually pay but then I added a fair bit of snacks too. Hubby's useless in that department. He doesn't mind eating them but won't add them into the trolley! Boys are gettting hungrier as well especially Zac. He's constantly eating yet still so skinny (now where did he get that from.....). I reckon in future food bill will constitute the highest expenditure of this household!

Hubby was thinking of getting some fireworks but I had to fob him off... waste of money! I'd rather he spent it getting a nice box of choccies instead of stuff that will simply burn up in the sky! Why pay when you can easily watch it for free in the neighbourhood! The boys aren't that fuss about them! And these fireworks don't come cheap either!

Rite, off to bed early as we are heading off to SIL's place in Leicester early in the morning to see her eldest play in a rugby match (yawn!) How very interesting! TTFN!

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