Friday, 21 December 2007

>>> Thank Goodness! <<<

School term is over!!! It was getting harder and harder to wake the boys up and colder and colder every morning! I absolutely hate scrapping ice off the car windows too.

Been busy the past few days sorting out Xmas cards and gifts for teachers. I simply altered 3 clipboards and sorted out little packs of goodies. Kept it simple as I didn't want to stress myself out!

The front of the clipboards. (apologies for the blurness as I didn't want to use flash and not using it cause the image to be blurred! Not to mention I've got a crappy camera at the mo.) Design of clipboard taken off Morag (thanx gal!) Wanted to do a simple one without much stress! The middle one was for a male teacher (first time ever!) One has to think harder about gifts for male teachers.

The back of the clipboard. So glad I could use my old sheets of Cherry Arte and Chatterbox papers!

A few gift bags with sweeties and choccies for various supplementary staff that my sons are involved with. Don't want to forget them as they do a great job helping out.

Haven't been scrapping and it's giving me cold turkey. Just received my kit from Scarlet Lime and it's gorgeous and I'm dying to use it! Think I might just have to sit down tonite and do something with it!!! TTFN!

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