Sunday, 16 December 2007

>>> Exciting Weekend! <<<

What can I say.... a weekend full of activities!


Well, day started off lazy as I was still reeling from being unwell from the nite before! Somehow during the week I had burnt my mouth badly from a scalding curry and it hurt to eat. Then I had some pineapples on Friday nite and after that I felt awful! God knows what reaction I had but I conked out immediately. So Saturday afternoon was spent resting in bed in preparation for the nite where hubby and I had a Xmas party to attend!

Party went well, but couldn't say that for the food. It was pathetic! We had roast turkey with boiled and roast potatoes, cauliflower and green beans, a sausage wrapped in bacon and stuffing. Turkey was tasteless, gravy was weak and not enough veges in my opinion. Carrots would have been nice! As for dessert, god, what a sham! Oranges in cointreau!!! The taste was diabolical!!! Bearing in mind I had to drive home, I wanted to stay away from alcohol. Menu mentioned of coffee and mint but there was no mint. I just felt cheated to be honest, especially for the price we paid for the party, at least £30ish per person and they couldn't even be bothered to do something special for dinner. Not even cheese and biscuits! Needless to say, I was ravenous about midnite!!! Just didn't feel like I had enough to eat! Seriously think they should stop using that catering company! What a waste of money!!! That's what I dislike about this country... FOOD is so bad in this country! God knows how many functions I attended this year whereby food was just so bad and yet no one complaint but ate despite how bad the quality was! (I was lucky that I didn't have that particular bad dish otherwise I would have kicked a big fuss!) Man, when I think of the cuisine I used to have before, I feel so damned cheated of the quality of life I'm living now... feel so depraved sometimes! Depraved of the variety of choices of food I was so used to having, to eating etc! Absolutely depraved of the choices of fruits too!


Had a day to myself as I went to a crop. Spent the day altering 3 clipboards for my sons' teachers. Just have to add the finishing touches. We had an exchange of presents and one of the scrappers, Diane, brought some lovely pudding. God bless her, it was absolutely delicious and made up for the crap dessert I had last nite!

Well, I'm absolutely knackered out. Weather's so cold that I much rather lie in bed than be crafting! TTFN!

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