Sunday, 9 December 2007

>>> Mobile Disaster! <<<

Hubby decided to do the laundry today and boy was it a disaster! He couldn't find his mobile and after backtracking, suddenly thought that it was in his jeans' pocket which had gone into the wash! He went to check and find the mobile thoroughly washed clean! Men!!! Don't they ever think of checking out pockets? I always do as I sometimes find cash in hubby's clothes' pockets. Sometimes nails too! Oh well, tough on him. Told him to check his insurance as I'm sure it would cover accidental damage! Anyway, that is a new phone too as he only got it early this year. And if he thinks he's gonna pocket the next phone, hard luck. It's my turn! After a year's contract, we get to change phones so we do it.

Oliver is feeling far better too. He came down with fever on Thursday nite and was off school on Friday. Then Saturday, he was hit hard. Bad timing as he had an afternoon full of Xmas activities but couldn't go due to his sickness. He always falls sick at the wrong time! Zac, on the other hand, was bored to tears and constantly bombarded with brother with toys but Ollie was in no position to play with him. Thankfully both boys had each other's company today.

As for myself, busy completing DT assignments. Once done, I've got teachers' gifts to tackle. I'm giving them an altered clipboards this year. Thankfully I've only got 3 clipboards to decorated. As for Xmas cards, I've done enough and will not do anymore as I don't have the time and am not gonna stress myself over it. The rest will get commercial ones instead. TTFN!

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