Monday, 24 December 2007

>>> Weekend Again! <<<

Gosh, the weekend are decending upon us ever so rapidly!


The morning was spent in bed (mainly moi) having a lie-in. The afternoon was spent in Morissons bag-packing with my son who's in Beavers. That's for his capitalisation dues (£25). We or rather I did the bag packing for 2 hours while he smiled prettily and held a donation canister. Thankfully we had a fair number who donated generously so hopefully the Scouts had collected a fair amount for next year's activities. Certainly wore me out and I was in bed early that nite!


We realised we hadn't visited Santa so we brought the boys down to the town centre but hey ho! there was no grotto! Every year, Cadbury had a Santa's Grotto in the town centre, near the German market but there was none this year. Well, after the hefty fine for salmonella in their choccies early this year, I'm not surprised they didn't have much funds left for festive activities. So we ended up in Melbicks Garden Centre instead where there is a Santa's Grotto. It was quite impersonal as we had to share Santa with another family. At least the toys were far better than last year. Still the boys didn't really pick good ones... wanted them to pick a bingo set but neither was interested. Doubt very much they would play with them for long!

Couldn't capture the glow of the surrounding but then photos can always be altered!!! :)

Popped into MIL's for a visit and had tea there. We later invited her over for dinner where hubby did roast lamb and the usual English dinner ingredients. It was good! Later that nite, she accompanied him to pick his dad who works in Oxford as he would be home over the Xmas period.

Can't believe Christmas is almost upon us!!! TTFN!

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