Sunday, 30 December 2007

>>> Another Weekend Gone! <<<

Woke up at 5am this morning and got everyone ready to go down to Poole. MIL came along as well. Crazy as it may seem but we had wanted to visit SIL this week but since her freeloader sis and her boyfriend was staying there, they couldn't accomodate us and suggested a hotel room in Travelodge. However, I didn't feel justified paying that amount for an overnite stay.... I would rather spend it on the boys, bring them to see a panto or even circus! Anyway, we decided to just go for a day trip. Got there and found out that her visiters took off yesterday instead! It was a last minute decision and they left. Now I'm sure they were seriously aware of the fact that we were coming down and the fuss about staying overnite yet..... hubby thinks there might be more to it but heck, as far as I'm concerned, they are the most conceited, selfish couple about! MIL haven't seen her grandchildren for a few months and that was why we brought her down with us and SIL wanted her to stay overnite. BIL even offered to pay for the room as well. So all the fuss could have been avoided if the freeloaders has mentioned earlier that they were leaving! Really pissed me off that they can be so self-centred!

Anyway, Poole was a refreshing change. Ahhh, had a morning walk in the beach and I can't stressed how much I miss the sea! Coming from a tropical island myself, where I took the beach for granted, I'm seriously missing the sea so much. It's so soothing to hear the waves and see the waters lapping on the beach. Really wish we could live closer to the coast.

Anyway, glad to have met them as we don't see them so often. Pity we couldn't stay overnite as it would have been nice to spend more time with them. I leave with some photos of our time on the beach.... TTFN!

Ollie was quick to dive into the sands and water. Got his trousers wet despite being told not to!

Photo of the sea. Light wasm't strong enough but I kinda like the look of it!

Cheeky Zac!

Some weird stones I found on the beach!

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