Tuesday, 25 December 2007

>>> Merry Xmas! <<<

Boys woke up mega early today, no surprise here! So we had to go down with them to open their pressies. Left the DS games the last and probably the best as they were dying to start playing with it.

Couldn't find their Santa's sack so had to pile their pressies around them. Seriously we didn't buy that many for them. Some came from their nan, aunts and friends.

My Xmas pressie from hubby! Finally a pink DS of my own!!! Woo Hoo!

This year's Xmas dinner was held at MIL's house. As usual, FIL did the Xmas dinner which consisted of roast pork (thank god no turkey!), and the usual veges and Yorkshire puds. I think standards have dropped as the potatoes and parnips were burnt and the pork was overcooked! Even hubby said so himself. I think he would have done a better job. I guess age is slowly but surely overtaking FIL! Still it was nice!

Spent the afternoon exchanging presents. Only my boys were around. SIL (from Leicester) and fiance came as well but without her sons as they were with their dad this year. A pretty quiet affair unlike last year where the whole family congregated at MIL's house.

Glad I didn't overdose myself with choccies! I could have easily done so but resisted big time! Don't need to add inches to my waistline which is the bane of my weight problem! Skinny all over apart from my ever expanding waistline. Seriously need to get back into shape. Might start doing yoga next year as I've just found out that there are classes in the local Leisure Centre. Way to go!!! TTFN!

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