Friday, 10 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 10 ~

Day 10 is about shopping. Now I'm not exactly following the prompts but I do use them for when needed. Today, I did try to do a bit of shopping but got nowhere. The stuff I wanted wasn't in stock and the dress I wanted wasn't in my size. Hence, I had to turn to the net where I did manage to get what I want! Looks like it's the way forward to shopping from now onwards! 

Page LO created using Jen Allyson Vintage Finding kit. Layered frame & stitches by K Pertiert.

Picture taken off Jane Norman's site. Bought this dress for a Xmas party coming up. I generally hate shopping for clothes and try to make it as quick as possible. So when I found this dress and tried it, it fit but just needed a size smaller and the store was out of stock of the smaller size. So a quick call to another store found one but another check on the net found the same dress to be sold at a 20% discount which the store didn't offer!!! So of course I went for the online purchase and even after adding post and packaging, still came up cheaper than going to the store (which I will have to add petrol and parking charges!) As for the other stuff, got them online and will be going to the store to collect next week! TTFN!


Fay aka Beautifullily said...

That dress is gorgeous Audrey, look forward to seeing a pic of you in it!

Emma said...

Loving your JYC pages Audrey, what a fanny dress, you will look amazing I'm sure!