Saturday, 14 January 2012

~ Digital Art Journaling: Lesson2 ~

So glad it's quiet this weekend. Boys had extra curricular activities in the morning but when they were done, we all chilled out at home! Well, I sorted out the laundry as I had loads to wash (did it 3 times)! Then it was time to catch up on my Digital Art Journaling class at Jessica Sprague. 

I've done art journaling on my own but I'm so glad I took the class as I've learnt an amazing amount of techniques which will surely come in useful when I do digi scrapping. I learnt how to use new tools in Photoshop. It's definitely worth the money spent! 

Anyway, Lesson 2 focussed on home. So here's my assignment piece:

While doing this art journal page, I made sure I implemented the techniques that she taught. My idea for this page is to show that no matter which continent I may be in, home is where I made it to be. Hence the 2 globes showing 2 continents, Asia & Europe. 

Have to say, this class taught me a lot about brushes. I never really used them but I'm beginning to turn to them a lot and loving how useful they are. They are a bit like stamps and I used to use stamps a lot on my paper pages so I'm glad to have found a substitute. TTFN!

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