Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2012!

A new year. Have to get used to writing 2012 now. It's also the year of the Dragon too, an auspicious year for the Chinese (probably see more babies born this year in the Far East). It happens to be the year for hubs & eldest too!

What did we do? We took a walk on the beach in Bournemouth and then shopping! Went into Beales and managed to get some dresses in the sales. Then checked out Fat Face and hubby got me my Xmas present, a winter coat (I usually wait until post Xmas sales to get my pressie as I loathe the thought of paying at full price. A day's difference and the price varies considerably!!!) 

The weather was dire! It was drizzling initially while we were walking along the beach, then came a heavy downpour whereupon we quickly had a bit of retail therapy. 

Anyway, I leave with a last LO done in the last day of December. 

Day 22 at the Frankfurt Christmas Market

I'm still prodding along on my December Daily album. A big slow but I'm determined to finished it! TTFN!

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