Wednesday, 11 January 2012

~ Lovely Surprise! ~

It started out as a normal day, until I started surfing and found a very surprised message, inviting me to join the creative team of Val C. Designs at Zig Zag Scrap. Apparently she had seen my gallery on Oscraps. I had a look at her designs and liked what I saw so I said yes! 

I'm glad she likes what I've been creating! I'm still on a learning curve and enjoying the process as I go along. I now wish I had gone digi ages ago!

On the home front, we had our heater replaced! Seeing that it only lasted 6 years, that isn't very good! In fact, I sometimes wonder if all those guys who came and serviced it made it worst! Each time we had our heater serviced, they screwed it up bad. The worst was this chap who came and literally made it a wreck. It was working perfectly before he laid his fingers on it! In fact, he was on the phone while trying to service, asking for help how to do it. I had a bad feeling about him and I was right. In the end, he said he couldn't get it to work and apologised! I blew my top as it was working fine before he came. Subsequently, it never recovered from his mishandling and further services resulted in the heater becoming worst and worst! In fact, the latest service by British Gas resulted in the heater constantly tripping (it didn't before, well, not that frequent!) In fact, he opened it up, found a fault and couldn't fix it claiming it would cost more due to the part replacement. After that, the heater was tripping a few times in a day. Halfway during a bath, it would shut down and you end up with freezing cold water! I gave up turning on the heater during December and resorted to portable heaters. Thank god the weather was quite mild.

So we have a new Worcester heater and no more hot and cold water coming out when bathing (or just cold water!) Let's hope it can last us longer than the previous heater! TTFN!

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