Monday, 9 January 2012

~ Digital Art Journaling: Lesson1 ~

In December, I treated myself and bought some classes at Jessica Sprague (the 20% discount sure helped swayed me to them). Still a novice to Photoshop, I'm constantly trying to learn new skills. Anyway, one of the classes was a Digital Art Journaling. It started today and I can't say how pleased I took it. I sure as hell learnt new techniques and how to use some tools in PS. 

Anyway, the prompt for Lesson 1 was 'heart'. So here's my effort: 

I found a quote that I liked and incidentally it belonged to Steve Jobs. So a quick hunt found this photo of him. Well, the creative juices started rolling and therefore this art journaling came about! The size is 5.25x8". Why so that I can print it out and stick them into a book. 

Had fun creating this art journal page. Let see what tomorrow brings. TTFN!

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Tinsel Fairy said...

Amazing! I love it!