Monday, 2 January 2012

~ Day 2 Of The New Year ~

The last of the public holiday before work and routine commence. Woke up in Poole (been there since Friday to celebrate the New Year with SIL). We had lunch at Burley, a small village with which had unusual shops. The wee one wanted a wand and we managed to find one in a shop called 'The Coven of Witches". They even sold a broom stick which the wee one wanted but I drew a line on that! Both have gotten into Harry Potter films lately and are acting out the characters at home. So obviously they need a wand!

On the creative side, the Oscraps designers released a collaboration kit entitled 'Warm and Cozy'. 

Lucky me got a chance to play with it and here's a LO that I created: 

Luv the kit! There's so much that I've not used so will be exploring more of the kit in future LOs. TTFN!

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