Wednesday, 15 August 2012

~ Another Day ~

Today I had a manicure

Had my long nails cut. Amazing it stayed long as I always manage to break one. I supposed not having to do housework or cook have something to do with it! Also coloured it with a shimmery lavender shade. Normally don't do a manicure as I find it uncomfortable having a colour on my nails. But it felt good to have the cuticles tidied.

Then I did a bit of last minute shopping (Xmas isn't too far away). E & I had lunch at a Japanese restaurant (food was fab). Then we did food shopping. Had to pop into the wet market & boy was it hot in there!

There were only the fans to keep cool but frankly, you couldn't feel them. Here's today forecast

Still nice to feel the heat! Haven't felt like that for a long time! TTFN!

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