Friday, 31 August 2012

~ Last Nite! ~

... in Singapore. Wow! This month has gone way too quickly for my liking. This week has been a whirlwind, meeting up with friends, relatives, shopping etc. 

I'm so glad to be able to go to a computer fair yesterday. I had certain items that I wanted to buy and there was an offer on them! First, I was searching for a network storage, one that could store stuff from PC and Mac. Found a Western Digital My Book Live, like a Personal Cloud Storage, akin to Dropbox (but minus any subscription fees as it resides in your own home). Based on the description it caters to both PC and Mac as well as Apple products such as iPad, iPhone, iTouch etc. And it works wirelessly too. OMG! Exactly what I wanted! So I got a 3TB set. I had my sight set on Apple's Time Capsule but it comes with a router and that would have interfered with my broadband as the latter is both a router & modem too. This storage is on it own and you connect using an Ethernet cable. Perfect for my house setting. I'm so looking forward to setting it up in my home when I get back!

Another item I bought is WD My Passport external hard disk. A 1TB cost a bomb in the UK and I got it for a song at the fair! One can never get enough of EHD especially when you have tons of photos and digi files! Electronic devices can fail and one should always triple backup just in case!!! Trust me to get excited over my geeky purchases!

And I got a new handbag from Charles & Keith (a local shoe and handbag store. Apparently Louis Vuitton has a stake in it)! I was merely walking past the store, trying not to go in when suddenly, this particular bag caught my eye! Had to take a look and fell in love with it. It's something I've been looking for and I found it! Luv accidental purchase!

Today, I met up with the 4 gals from the Joy Luck Club (that's what we call ourselves). Finally, all of us were able to meet up. We had a jolly good time! We had a tim sum breakfast. Then headed to Jaz's place to convene and natter and then off to town to wander about. Of course, we had to take photos in between and when you want all 5 gals in the photo, you find innovative ways of capturing ourselves! We had such a laugh!

Presenting the Joy Luck Club gals! Altered this photo using an Aviary app.
Oh and if you find me in the same outfit, that's because I have very limited wardrobe. I brought only essentials as my luggage coming out was filled with items for a friend's baby! Good as I can now fill it with stuff that I bought here! 

Now that all of us are contactable via Whatsapp, we are going to get even closer!

Got home and did the most sensible thing... pack! Yup, got my stuff together and separate them in 2 piles... need to bring back and able to leave behind for my bro to bring over! Have to be mindful of the luggage weight restriction. I'll find out tomorrow how heavy they are when everything has gone in! 

I'm glad I had the chance to be here. Yes, I was on my own but no, I wasn't lonely. Yes, I did miss my boys but no, I don't regret leaving them with their dad (good they had a father and son bonding). It's gonna be sad leaving here especially the food! I think I ate all that I wanted to eat especially this: 

Chilli crabs! Yum!

Well, one more day to eat ...  what shall I have? TTFN!

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