Thursday, 24 April 2008

>>> Strike! <<<

The boys are off school for 2 days due to strike actions by the Birmingham Council workers as well as the teachers! They seem to be off school more than they are in! Thank goodness I'm around but I do feel for those working parents who have to try and find alternative arrangements.

Actually I kinda like them around as it means not having to wake up so early. Thankfully my boys aren't early risers. They have never ever woken up at 6am before. Earliest have been 7am. In fact if they do, we tell them to go back to bed as it's still early! LOL! However, sometimes, the eldest do wake up early so that he can play his DS and he's ever so quiet about it! Caught him once crawling, yup crawling into my bedroom so that he could take his DS. I keep their DSs in a bag next to my bed. Since the school term has started, I've restricted their access only to weekends. Trust me, they will play all day if I don't stop them! I've never came across any toys that have held their interest for that long and it's still ongoing! But seriously it can be quite addictive as I do have one myself and I tell myself, ok just another game and it goes on and then I find that 2 hrs have passed! Eeks! I could have been scrapping.

Guess what came in the post last week! Forgotten to mention it! This:

A delish amount of Maya Road goodies, FOC!

I couldn't believe the amount of stash that Maya Road had given me. Just to recap, my mini album was chosen to be showcased on their booth at CHA 08. In return, I was given $75 worth of MR products. Seeing that there's many mini albums, I'll have my hands full for this year! :)


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