Saturday, 19 April 2008

>>> Music Time! <<<

The boys have violin lessons in schools and once in a while the teacher offer extra session on Saturdays. Today was one of the days and we brought them to George Cadbury Hall for their lesson. There are 2 lessons, one for the beginners and the other for the slightly more advanced pupils. Have to say, it's quite popular judging by the number of pupils that turned up. I thought the lessons were great and the boys learnt a great deal, especially with regards to their bow holes! The teachers do stress a lot on holding the bow properly.

Haven't been scrapping lately. Since doing the part-time job, I've been so exhausted that I much rather watch TV than scrap. Doesn't help that my fav US programmes are showing right now i.e. Dirty Sexy Money, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy (a repeat but nonetheless still nice to watch), House and not forgetting all the CSIs. Also have been chauffeuring the boys a lot for their activities too. They do have extra curricular activities from Mon-Sat (except Tues). I think it's the driving around that is exhausting. As for me, I'm hardly at home in the daytime too, helping out quite a bit in Zac's school. The irony... now that I've got dosh coming in, I'm less inclined to spend due to lack of time in playing with the products that I've bought! Still have tons of kits not used as well as stamp sets!!!

Weather sucks! Spring is here yet I'm still shivering without a thick coat or jumper! I marvel at people walking about in just t-shirts. I can't! It has been quite cold on certain days.

Yay! It's the Solihull crop tomorrow. I'm hoping I will get some pages done. Looking forward to 'me' time as I'm need a break badly. Gonna do some packing now... TTFN!

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Toni-Ann said...

Great news on the p-t job Audrey - what are you doing?