Friday, 25 April 2008

>>> On Display! <<<

A few stuff that I created for Banana Frog using their stamps:

Paper by Rouge de Garance Picoti Picota. Stamps from Greenwich Park (my fav), Steelfish & Tag It.

Card using stamps from Greenwich Park & Tag It. (The card appears crooked due to bad scanning but it was almost impossible to try to get it straight!)

Stamps from Greenwich Park and Retro Greetings. Coloured using Twinkling H20s.

Here's my letter C entry for my BOM. Chose chocolate as I luv them. Doesn't do much in reducing my expanding waistline. Seriously need to an abstinence from them if I'm ever gonna lose the inches off my waistline!!!

My purpose of doing the BOM is twofold. To scrap about myself as I don't do it often but also to explore the world of mixed media. I'm combining both and exploring mixed media techniques and applying them to my pages. It's fun. Let's hope I can last till the letter 'Z'. I've still yet to finish my A-Z album started in 2006. I've only got a couple of letters left! TTFN!

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