Thursday, 1 May 2008

>>> Happy Birthday ! <<<

to ME!

Sheesh, another year gone and growing older each time, hopefully not aging too much! Anyway, hubby has planned to bring me out for dinner tonite and got his mom to babysit the boys. Mmmm, let's see what I fancy eating tonite....

Done a bit of crafting yesterday, only b'cos I had to. Made a card and an altered frame for my son's birthday friend.

The altered frame. Thought it would be more interesting than merely giving the photo away!
Made it simple as I only had less than an hour for completion. Made use of a jumbo playing card as base. Those cards do come in handy!

Lighting wasn't cooperating hence the darkness of the photo. Anyway, decided to do a girly card for my son's birthday classmate. Didn't particularly fancy doing any kiddie type of cards... so boring!

Here's my letter D for my BOM.

Had difficulty choosing a word to represent D but hit upon focusing on my daily schedule as a part-time SAHM. These days I'm the boys' chauffeur, driving them to their activities which occur almost everyday except Sunday! It's tiring but that's my role as their mom! Broke into my Scarlet Lime kit to create this LO. Desperately need to use them as they are piling up skyhigh!

Crop at Morag's last nite but spent the early half watching Apprentice and Desperate Housewives instead. Inspiration strike only at 11ish and managed the above LO. Didn't get back till 1ish in the wee morning. She too was in a scrapping mode so we had great fun.


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