Tuesday, 6 May 2008

>>> Bank Holiday Weekend! <<<


It's was National Scrapbooking Day today and the forums that I frequent had tons of SB activities going on. At the BackPorch Memories forum, I came out with a stamping challenge entitled 'Stamping Fever'. Basically it was to challenge scrappers to use their stamps on a non-LO project. They have till the end of May to do the challenge. Here's what I created:

The front of the tag book

The back of the tag book

Inside the tag book

The tags were glimmer misted and stamped

Back of the tags

Then on Scraptitude forum, there was a host of challenges which I managed only managed two. I didn't have a whole day to scrap and could only do them after the boys went to bed. Didn't go to bed till 4ish in the morning.


Had to wake up at 6am so that I could be at Birmingham International Airport to meet Steph and her cousin.
Steph is from Homegrown Scrapbooks and is here for the Scrapajack/Homegrown Retreat in Stratford-upon-Avon which I wish I could go but the new job got in the way. Didn't think they would let me off to go for a scrapping retreat! Anyway, hubby was nice enough to send me there as parking at the airport would have cost me a bomb seeing that I would be there for more than 2 hrs! Came back with the two enormouse luggage containing tons of SB items! Steph and her cousin are heading for Paris and London before going for the Retreat.

Any thoughts of doing more scrapbooking challenge flew out of the window when after picking me up from the airport, hubby went over to his sister's place in Leicester. So we spent the afternoon there before heading to another of his sister's place again. Then it was back here when his sis and her two boys were staying over at MIL's place. One of the boys' cousins wanted to sleep over at our place so we ended up with 3 boys. Man, I think my lucky stars I've only got 2 as having 3 boys would be an utter nitemare!

Anyway, by this time I was just so knackered that I went off to bed before 9.30pm. Didn't even bother to step into my craft room!


The day started off miserable! Wet and gloomy, a typical Bank Holiday! Anyway, we decided to head off to Warwick Park but not before stopping off at Curry's to get a toaster as ours had packed up! That one lasted us 6 years and we eat toasts almost everyday!

Thankfully the rain had stopped when we reached Warwick Park. The boys had a play at the playground where they were each given 5 tokens to do what they wanted.
Then we headed towards the river to have lunch. After that, it was off to St Nicholas Playground where they released more energy. By this time the sun had come out and there were considerably more people around. Before leaving the boys had a good bounce on the bouncing castle where all they did was to climp up and slide down as many times as they could. They were thoroughly knackered by the time their 5 mins were up!

It was a pity NSD had to be held on a Bank Holiday weekend. Just couldn't do much and I was pretty much conked out come 9pm! Both nites saw me going straight to bed after putting the boys to sleep! Imagine... so much stash and no time to play with them! Sigh! TTFN!

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