Tuesday, 27 May 2008

>>> Bank Holiday Weekend! <<<

Sheesh, hubby surprised me with a plan on Sat morning. Called me (while he was at the Bath with Ollie) and asked me to pack as we were going to SIL's place in Leicester for an overnite stay. Never mind the Chinese class that Ollie has to attend in the afternoon. 'Let change the routine'. So we did and we ended up spending 2 nites there instead! Thankfully I brought my laptop with me and managed to complete some design work that I had to do. Can't say we did much at SIL's apart from walking about in Leicester town centre on Sat afternoon and a BBQ in the evening.

Sunday was a washout and we stayed in the whole day, only going to the park in the evening so as to let 4 noisy boys expand their energy.

The boys were introduced to their latest craze... the Go Gos. Alien dolls where they stand in a row facing each other and you flick one across and if you hit any of the opponent's, they are yours to keep and the game goes on till one loses all his Go Gos.

Bank Holiday Monday was spend at Cadbury World. SIL and her boys haven't been so we went there. Gosh it was packed! We managed to secure a 4.30pm booking and wandered for 2 hours in the kiddies playground. Having been there last year, I wasn't so fussed and didn't take as many photos as I should.

The boys playing with chocolate that couldn't be eaten! I supposed they were used for playing purpose.
Here you stand in front of a purple light and a picture of you is taken and turned into chocolate. Thought it was cool!


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