Friday, 2 May 2008

>>> What A Day! <<<

Had a great birthday yesterday!

Day started out with work! Had to pop into school for training despite the fact that the school was closed for elections. We were supposed to have training in fire drill but some mixed up and the chap didn't turn up! Quite appalling actually, seeing that the teachers were in as well for the training. Anyway, we ended up having an impromptu training in Makaton as we do have special needs children using basic sign language in the school. Zac came along with me but we headed off to MIL where she took him out the whole day. I had to go to Ollie's school for his violin lessons in the afternoon.

Hubby surprised me with a Chinese birthday cake! I didn't think he would but he proved me wrong (thank god for that!). Oh and got loads of choccies as well. Of course did the traditional cutting of the birthday cake with my boys!

Boys were in their pjs as I had given them their bath before going out for dinner with hubby. Still I made sure they were there to cut the cake with me.

Hubby took me to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Had the most delectable tom yam soup. Main meal wasn't so fab as we chose the wrong dishes but dessert was a killer. I chose a typically Thai dessert and it didn't fail! Dish consisted of mango with coconut sticky rice and mango ice cream. It was simply delicious!

Trust hubby to take a bad shot of moi! Anyway my face is red as I had a bacardi coke. I'm not a drinker and I go red whenever I consume alcohol!

Forgot to add... was in Asda a few days ago and browsing thru Scrapbook Inspiration mag and found my LO in the sketch section. Did that a few months back and wasn't sure which issue it was appearing but it's in May 08 issue. Here's what I created based on the sketch, which I rotated it to fit my photos:

This LO came along so quickly. These photos are for Zac's passport but he kept changing his facial features that I had to take a few in order to choose the best photo! So I decided to scrapbook all the unwanted pics of him!

Well, I'm off to bed. TTFN!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday old girl, still keeping an eye on you.

Toni-Ann said...

Belated Happy Birthday Audrey!
Gald you had a good time. T x