Friday, 2 May 2008

>>> Random Thoughts! <<<

Just occurred I should note down conversation I had with a waiter at the Thai restaurant. We were mulling over some dishes. We wanted to order a platter of Thai starters which state min 2 people. He wouldn't allow us to order just 1 platter but 2 so that we could share. Anyway, I didn't want 2 platter of the same dish as I'm not a big eater. I tend to share food with hubby most of the time. So there we were, trying to decide what to order when he said...

Waiter: Can I recommend the sea bass (and proceeded to tell us how good it was)

Hubby: Is it farmed or caught at sea?

Waiter: It's frozen. (Eh DUD of course it's frozen. B'ham isn't exactly near any coast is it?)

Moi: I know it's frozen. What we want to know is whether the fish is farmed or caught at sea.

Waiter: Dunno. (not I'll check it out but direct Dunno and not a word to try and find out)

If he was expecting to make a sale, he just lost it outright! FYI, fish that is farmed don't taste as nice as those caught in the sea. Also you don't really know what goes into the feeding of those farmed fish! It also goes without saying that fish caught at sea is more expensive than those farmed but they taste so good so it's worth it!

Rite, it's National Scrapbooking Day tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some time off to scrap as the two forums I frequent have activities on. Moreover, just received Homegrown Spring Survival kit and it's massive! Have to make a dent in it!

Gotta go... need to sort out my NSD challenge on BackPorch Memories. TTFN!


Jackie said...

Belated Happy Birthay!

I hear youre off to the sirport tomorrow to meet Steph.

Good job I saw the post on Homegrown ro we would have both been there LOL

Have Fun!

Anonymous said...

Soething fishy about that waiter!!

Taniwha said...

Audrey, I didn't know you had a blog, I will add you to bloglines and check you out!

It was lovely to meet you and chat on Friday night, love your work & I will send you the photos I took of you :)