Sunday, 6 April 2008

>>> Snow! <<<

Woke up this morning to a blanket of snow! Gosh, it was inches thick and made a beautiful sight.

We were invited to MIL's house for lunch and the boys had a play with whatever snow that was on the ground. Dusted our sledge from the garage and Zac had a play with it but slope wasn't steep enough.

Little monkey forgot his gloves and complained how cold it was! What did he expect???

Ollie getting ready to snowball me but not before getting a photo outta him!

Unfortunately, the sun came out in full force as well and by afternoon, it was gone! So annoying!

That was what left of the snow by 3ish in the afternoon!

Spent the afternoon chilling out and scrapping a little. The boys enjoyed their DS games. Well, not long before they go back to school on Tuesday. Gosh, can't believe that their 2 weeks hols is almost gone! Time sure as hell is flying past! TTFN!

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