Friday, 8 July 2011

~ Published! ~

Not in the magazine sense! Finally, I received my Summer Vacation 2010 Album. It's bounded in a book. Have to say, it's an amazing feeling but can't say I'm thoroughly impressed with the printing though. Seems quite shoddy so I've shot a complaint. I expected the entire page to be covered but apparently, there's a margin at the top and side. It's annoying when you follow the rules given and it doesn't get printed out properly! Still it won't stop my publishing my works in a book format now. It certainly save a lot of space and you get to see your LO in print! Cool! Just have to find a good reliable company that prints out properly! 

Some sample pages. Noticed the white margin at the top of the page. Not pleased at all! Still it's a blast seeing them in print. 

Well, will be doing this summer's vacation photos as a digi again and getting them printed. Bought a Groupon offer for a Photobook from another company ... hope they do a better job! TTFN!

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