Sunday, 24 July 2011

~ Summer Hols At Last! ~

Finally the school term ended amidst much tears (more from my part) than my eldest. He leaves Junior school this term. In fact, he couldn't wait for it to end as he's looking forward to going to his secondary school, which, I guess it's good!

However, the last week of term was filled with tons of activities... school leavers performance, award ceremony, violin exams etc. Not to mention packing luggage. Hence, it will be a welcome relief to board the plane to start my summer hols! Never mind that I'll be in the air for a good 24 hours!

Well, I plan to catch up on my digi knowledge, lots of tutorial to go thru', lots of pages to create, lots of albums to fulfil! Yes, it's gonna be a busy summer hols for me but more a learning one. Let's hope I can accomplish at least half of them! TTFN!

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