Friday, 30 June 2006

Scary Creatures!

My son's PreSchool invited an Animal Man over to display his scary creatures to the kiddos. Creatures like spider (the humongous kind), snakes, slow worm, madagascar crocroach, owl, chameleon etc. Initially Zac was a bit intimidated but then he got over his fear and couldn't wait to touch them. He even had a snake wrapped around his neck... eeks! Not even his mom would do that! Took some cool photos I've to admit!

Here's mommy allowing that hairy creature to crawl on her hands just for the sake of photo!!! Urghh!!!

My little boy overcoming his fear and allowing the snake to go around him. Can't say his face didn't show it!!!

Had to mask the background as people's feet were showing! Anyway, here my baby holding a Madagascar crocroach!

Not sure what creature this was but its skin felt like fabric! Zac just couldn't get enough of touching them once he overcame his fear!

Finally the owl!

Homegrown is coming out with a new Trilogy kit... oh dear as if I need more papers! As the name implies, it's 3 kits in one. It has even an altered item in there! The July kit is looking very yummy. Sigh! Not very good at resisting temptation!!!

Hubby's out on a golfing weekend so guess who's gonna scrap her heart's content while watching CSI tonight!!! Gonna make sure the boys are off to bed early as these days they have a tendency to sleep off at 10pm despite being in bed by 9pm! What's worst it's a nitemare waking them up during school days but come the weekend, they are automatically up by 7am!!! Must be some conspiracy somewhere!

Sigh! No chance to go off to a crop tomorrow. MIL was supposed to hold a birthday party for her 2 grandsons whose birthdays are on Jul 10th and 17th, both of whom she won't be seeing on their actual day! My nephew will be with his dad (parents are divorced) and mine (Oliver) will be in Singapore! Then she called in the evening saying it has been cancelled as my SIL is hospitalised for a tummy problem. She didn't reveal much but she is going to see her tomorrow instead. What a turn of events!

I was debating whether to hold a party for Oliver's birthday and invite his friends as he has been clamouring for one since he has been to several of his friends' birthday parties. However, decided I really couldn't cope with the fuss, seeing that it's so close to our departure date! Instead, have just invited hubby's colleague's kids over and will have a BBQ instead. Mmmm, bring on the prawns and chicken wings!!! (that's my idea of BBQ - absolutely dislike burgers and sausages and will never eat such greasy stuff... much prefer prawns and chicken wings option!)

Saw the soccer match between Germany and Argentina... bloody sour losers they are the Argentines! They lost out on penalities to Germany and started a brawl on the soccer pitch! Tough luck! Now wondering if England will go that route too... the penality route I mean... they are absolutely hopeless at penalties... let's hope they can do better tomorrow!

Rite, enough of rambling... time for scrapping! TTFN!

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KimmyS said...

Ugh....not only is your Son bvery brave but his Mom to have that HUMONGOUS Sprider on her hand...bleck!!!!

Fabulous pictures and I love how you scrapped the spidy one!