Saturday, 3 June 2006


Ohhhh, you either hate or love them, no two way about it! This country has one of the most roundabouts I've ever seen!!! Was on my way to a crop and took a wrong turn at the roundabout and ended up in Timbuktoo!!! For a good bloody half hour, had to make my way back to the beginning and restart my journey, despite following a map that I had printed out! Later realised I should have turned on the 3rd exit not 2nd!!! Talk about wasted time and petrol!!! :( Think I will take up the offer of my hubby to get a satnav!!! Definitely need it!

Subject of weather, it was brillant today, about 22 degree celcius, nice and warm and I even got on my spaghetti strap dress! But I stayed indoors the whole day.... sorry, not a sun worshipper, like it for its warmth but certainly not for getting wrinkles and premature aging!!! Sheesh! Better get a bottle of sunblock with the highest factor for the kids ... not safe for them to be out in the sun unprotected. The incident of skin cancer is pretty high in this country!

Talking about productivity, only managed 1 LO, 1 1/2 pages of my A-Z album. I spent a fair bit on the LO as it was meant for the Scraplift challenge and for a while, went blank at what to do... true, there was a LO to scraplift but being me who can't lift entirely, had to chose an element and eventually managed a LO that I like!!! Using the new papers from Cherry Arte Seasons... mmm they are so gorgeous. Talking about Cherry Arte, they are coming up with at least 4 new sets of papers. Ohhh, got my eye on East of India, Tropics and Party Days. They look so yummy especially the East of India papers!

Made some progress on my A-Z pages. Did letters K and M. I should have finished this album last month but procastinated ... god knows why as it's such a small page and therefore shouldn't take too long to finish. I purposely kept it flat as it's in a book format. Made use of a lot of stamps and papers! Here's the pages:

Discovered a new font at the crop by Ellison. It's called Twang and it's big! The entire upperand lower case in a set! It's slightly bigger than the Quickutz Classic so I might just get that as I'm looking for a big font. Besides, it looks so swanky... really lovely! Now to find a place to get it cheaply!!!

Hubby and Oliver is currently away at the moment in Poole (south of England). Hubby is giving a helping hand to his brother-in-law in some DIY stuff! As I had a crop to go to, didn't fancied going down to be bored to tears! Anyway, with Zac soundly asleep by 9ish, did another letter, N!

Regarding scrapbooking kits, the novelty of it has worn off and now I only get Homegrown kits ('cos I'm on the DT team) and Back Porch Memories (for the versality of the papers). I find that I don't use the BPM papers enough or perhaps it's because I've too many papers! I hardly ever use up an entire 12x12 sheet of paper. Hence, after making a LO, there's a lot left. I tell myself that I need to make at least 2-3 LOs using the kit papers to justify their expenditure! So far, no problem with Homegrown but struggling to use BPM.... if they had a competition, perhaps it might encourage me to use the papers more often. Anyway, thankfully the A-Z album is forcing me to use the papers. I think after this album is finished, need to get on with my France album, followed by a A Year in Review 2006 album. The latter will be very enjoyable and fun to do!

Next week will be an exciting week, not b'cos the kids go back to school but my arrival of Rhonna Farrer stamps! Been waiting for them for a while now! Also, my Shoebox Trims ribbons/fabric/fibres. I subbed to them and for £9ish including p&p, it's well worth the money. You get 10 one yard ribbons, 10 fibres and 6 fabric strips! And I actually use them too. Waiting rather impatiently for my Designing with Type book from a UK Sponsor ... luv Autumn Leaves books... they never fail to impress! Sad to say that I'm still searching for my scrapping style... there's so much to experiment that I can't stick to one style yet. Perhaps it may emerge one day!

Urghh! Need to get on with one assignment regarding retro LO... Might give it a thought in the next few days.....

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I am so subscribibg to shoebox trims!!