Saturday, 10 June 2006


Ok so England won but they didn't score that goal. It was due to a Paraquay player who scored instead! I got bored watching it halfway ... England players seemed so lifeless. Perhaps it was the heat and that can sapped up a player's energy real quick! Let's hope the team will play better in the next few rounds or they can kiss the Cup good-bye!

Regarding Black Country accents/dialects, Mal, I never ventured into that topic and frankly don't want to 'cos my first encounter with a chap who spoke with a typical Black Country accent left me utterly speechless! I had absolutely no clue what he was saying! Didn't think he spoke English in the first place!

Regarding sports, Toni, I had that suspicions but not researching enough into the topic, didn't want to put my foot in the wrong place. Then again, if it's seen as a lower class game, the amount of money spent on tickets & merchandises and following the players around sure doesn't equate to that status! That sport is probably the biggest money making machine compared to the other sports! I can't see a cricket/rugby/tennis player earning similar sums to Beckham, Rooney or Owen!!! Ha the quirky irony of it!

On the subject of creation, here's my LO that I thought was pants! I had to incorporate alcohol inks somehow but didn't like the final result. I went back to the drawing board (my sketch book) and ended up with another LO which I do love but can't reveal. Papers are by Melissa Frances, part of the Back Porch Memories Medley kit. Letter stickers are from Doodlebug cardstock sticker. Well, I'm not gonna change it as I can be creating perfect LOs all the time. Anyway the LO records a conversation between moi and Zac! I was out hanging the clothes at that time! That's what I luv about scrapbooking, being able to record little things like that!

Here's another LO that I created as part of the Scraplift Challenge at Scrapititude. Made use of my Cherry Arte papers that were sitting in my folder untouched. Somehow I find it harder to use dark coloured cardstock (apart from black) ... always feel that it just doesn't look great once the elements come together.

Gosh, we were sweltering at home today. It was really hot and I had the kids covered in sunblock constantly. My mother-in-law asked me if it was that hot in Singapore and I told her is was even hotter with high humidity! Here, at least it's dry heat and you don't sweat.. oops perspire (horses sweat :)) I'm alrite in this weather, I can take the heat but not the cold! Urghs! I always feel sunny weather puts people in a more jovial mood, well at least in this country that I've noticed!

Made use of the raging weather to stay indoors and complete my assignments. Managed to finish 2 and have got another 2 to go. Then my Homegrown kit should be arriving next week so had better put my thinking cap on. It's nice to have something to do as I'm one person that gets bored ever so easily. Been thinking of going back to work once I return from my holiday in Sept. Doubt if I can continue as a stay-at-home mom as I'm beginning to feel really restless. Just have to decide what job to look for as I don't feel like returning to the IT industry. TTFN! (Ta Ta for Now)

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