Monday, 5 June 2006

A Milestone!

Whayyyyy! Finally my little rascal (picture above) has decided to potty train himself and now goes to the toilet to do his wee and poo! I've been trying since Feb when he turned 3, actually in fact last year when he was 2 3/4 yrs old as that was the time his brother started wearing pants but nope! He absolutely refused to have it .... think he was still trying to cling onto his babyhood! Well, I gave up after 2 days when I had to wash poo off his pants.... Tried again earlier this year but nope... he just refused! Gave up and continued the nappy. Then last week, he decided to go to the toilet to do his poo! I think it was a Wednesday and he continued that routine but he still 'wee' into his nappy. Then on Friday, we ran out of nappy and I had to put him in his pants. He then started going to the toilet to do his poo and at times, his wee. I had to do a bit of bribing for him to do his wee in the toilet. Well, today he was good, didn't have any accident but insisted on his 'boody' (goody which is what I tell him he could have if he went to the toilet!) each time he went to the toilet... at this rate I will finish my Mingles in no time!!! :( But I've to celebrate his milestone... finally he's officially my little boy, no more a baby! Don't know if that's good at all....

Whoopee! Received my prize from Scrapitudes for the May Goals challenge. A few Bazzill cardstock including the scalloped edge one (which I've been looking for!), a SEI Winnie Walls rub on sheet and a Limited Edition ribbon and lace clear stamp set! Almost died when I saw the stamp set ... mmmm how did she know I've a fetish for stamps!!!
The start of school term so I had 2 1/2 hrs to spare and finished off another letter to my A-Z album. Here's N (which I couldn't load the other time) and O:

Made use of my Back Porch Memories kit papers and the above papers are from One Heart One Mind and they are double-sided too! Cool, luv papers that are double-sided as they seem to be value for money! Made use of my alcohol inks to dye the metal letters and button. (The metal letters read 'Nuture')

This page was done with papers from Blue Cardigan using the Bloom range! Ohh they are so gorgeous. The border around the photo was done using the new ribbon and lace stamp set from Limited Edition (my prize!:)).

Remind me never to do grocery shopping on a Monday. Sent hubby out with a list as we didn't manage to go the weekend and he came back with only half the list saying that most weren't available or sold out!!! Sigh! Will have to pop in during the week for some fresh fruits as they had sold out on strawberries, or any of the summer fruits!!!

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Toni-Ann said...

oh i love that blue cardigan paper - had some with the TTT kit - congrats on the potty training as well, I know from experience how hard it is - and now I have to do it all over again in a couple of years!!