Thursday, 22 June 2006

Under Pressure!

Gosh, I've so much to do that I had no time to blog yesterday! Sigh! Never leave anything to last minute!!!


Anyway, postie came and brought me my Back Porch Memories June kit.... boy are they lush especially the colours, so vibrant and I'm so dying to scrap them!

Slight drama in the morning. Looked out of the window and found the chaps tarmacing the slip road just in front of my house! Great! What a time to do it cos that effectively locked me in as I can't use my car until the tarmac is dry! Hence the big walk to school. Got anxious as I've never walked to Ollie's school before. Left the house at 8.30am and fortunately, reached his school in 20 mins, just before the door to the school was open. That was lucky! But never again will I do it. Rewarded myself with a bar of choccie on the way back, wiping out any calories that I lost!!!

Heard back from Creating Keepings (finally!) regarding sending the LO off. Had to fill in a contract and also a tax-free form. The LO will appear in an Idea Book, vol 10 due out this November. Gosh, still pinching myself about this!!!


Every Thursday, I pop over to my mom-in-law's house with the boys. They absolutely adore her as she really plays with them and give them undivided attention! I think she gives in too much to them as I found Zac bossing her around today and scolding her for not making the playdoh shape that he wanted!!! Ollie enjoys having a stay-over on Sat nite from time to time! I've to say, she's really good with her grandkids!

I'm now snowed under... I've got 3 LOs to create before the 25th June and I'm starting to panic a little now. I need to create 2 retro LOs and 1 LO for the Goals challenge (which I already know what to do). Just finding the time to do it is a problem. Thank goodness for a full day scrap on Sunday! However, much rather finish it before Sunday so that I can play with my new goodies!!!

Ohhh, got a call today from Melbrick Garden Centre asking me to go down for an interview next Monday. I was there some months back and saw a part time job in the craft section (which incidentally carries scrapping products!). Applied but didn't hear from them so assumed it was gone then today's call! Sigh... just when I'm about to go off for my summer hols in about 3 wks time. Wonder if they will still want me in Sept.... it would be great timing as Zac goes full time to Nursery too!!! Fingers crossed till next Monday!

Rite, off to finish my projects.... TTFN!

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