Thursday, 29 June 2006


Wow! Finally found a way of getting around the non uploading of images on this site! It was really pissing me off big time! Anyway, send a message to the Blogger site and received an email off them. They didn't personally respond to my complaint but gave me a list of FAQs and there I found the solution. They mentioned using another window explorer called Mozilla Firefox. Well, I downloaded that, installed and tried it. And guess what! It uploaded images without any problem at all!!! That's it... from now I'll be using this new window explorer! Let's see how good it will be vis-a-vis Microsoft Window Explorer!

On the creativity front, didn't do anything much! Tried to decorate a tag but got sidetrack by MSN... best friend came online, then other overseas friends too... in the end spent the afternoon chatting instead! I luv the internet... it makes connecting friends especially those overseas so easy and cheap! It would have cost me da bomb in phone bills! TTFN!

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