Sunday, 4 June 2006

Lazy Day!

Spent a lazy day with Zac. Hubby and Oliver wouldn't be back till late (They are in Poole). Weather was brillant but didn't feel like going out. We snuggled up in bed watching Cbeeies and ended up both of us having an afternoon nap, something that I've not had for a long long time!

On the creative front, the Scraplift challenges that I'm are now revealed so I can show off my LOs!

The only element I lifted from this LO was the piece of paper behind the photo. On hindsight, should have torn all the sides....

This LO was created in honour of Delainey, Steph's little girl (owner of Homegrown Scrapbooks). It was a challenge among the DTs to create a LO using a photo of Steph's little girl! Have to say it was fun scrapping little girls for a change.

This LO is completely different from the one I lifted as the original LO featured big rectangularblocks randomly put on the cardstock but I chose to use that element as journalling blocks instead! I love the font used for the title 'Perfect'. It's from Ellison thin alpha dies called Twang. A bit like Sizzlit. I used it at the Moxley crop. Might be looking to get one as I need a big alpha die and QK is proving a wee bit expensive. Also, it's slightly bigger than QK classic. Will have to find a bargain place to get it now!

Just found out that my basic cable channel has National Geographic so I'm watching that too! Luv their episodes on Air Crash Investigation... so interesting... I've an affinity for planes... always wished I could have worked as an air stewardess. Also enjoyed their documentary series on Seconds from Disaster. Luv documentary programmes!!!!

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Toni-Ann said...

Sam is an 'Air Crash Investigation' & 'Seconds from disaster'expert, he could tell you every little thing that went wrong!! love your LO's Audrey :)