Friday, 9 June 2006

At Last!

Finally got my hands on the Creative Memories corner rounder! Currently I own 2, one from Woodware that is utterly useless, as all it does is bend the corner of the paper and I've to trim the edges off myself! The other is from EK Success but somehow the catch holding the metal piece has broken and each time I use it, it literally jumps up from the plastic casing making punching almost difficult if not impossible! Let's hope the CM last a wee bit longer than these 2! Heard good reviews about it and couldn't believe my luck when I found it on the UKScrappers marketplace! Along with that came other goodies such as individual bottles of alcohol inks including the metallic mixatives and some dome tins, chalk ink and Doodlebug stickers from Papermaze. Ohh, the tins were ever so cute and I'm still deciding what to put in there for my son's teachers.

Gosh my brother send me this interesting website regarding a controversal book that is now banned in Singapore (typical!!!!) It's actually written by the grand-daughter of the Tiger Balm family and feature snippets of interesting people including politicians! Now a banned book can only arouse further interest and this is no exception! Talk about juicy gossip. As the site is hosted in the US, doubt if any legal action can be taken. Definitely the book will make its way into my library! Dallas and Dynasty pales in comparison to the saga that's in the book! Somehow the situation reminds me of George Orwell's Animal Farm where I distinctly remembers this: "All animals are equal although some are more equal than other!" (something to that effect) Quite true in this modern world!

The World Cup season starts today and so will debauchery and hooliganism! Don't envy the police force as they will have their hands full during this season! Can't understand why this sport encourages such behaviour as you don't see it happening in rugby, cricket or tennis! Or perhaps it's the nature of the sport, the dress code of the sport that incite a certain kind of behaviour? Mmmm, makes a very interesting PhD topic (if ever I decide to go for it haha!)

Oh and Mal, what I said about the Brummie accent is true. The local news even did a survey about the accent and found some interesting results about it. A Brummie accent doesn't auger well in job interviews and people have known to take elocution lession to get rid of it! Sorry I certainly don't want my sons discriminated the moment they open their mouth. As it is, my English relatives (who are Brums now living in poshy Poole) have even taken the mickey out of it! My sister-in-law even tried to remove the accent via elocution lessons... so what I've said stay put! :)

On the 'uncreative' front, I think I've lost it! I just can't seem to get it right and I'm talking about my LOs. Once done, I look at it and think 'God, it's crap!'. Did a LO this afternoon for an article that I'm writing but somehow feel it's so crap that it's not worth submitting. As my article is on alcohol inks, did a LO incorporating the use of alcohol inks. (As usual, blogger isn't cooperating so can't upload the LO). But I'm just not pleased with it! Oh shucks, back to the drawing board again!


Mal said...

I said a Black Country accent or dialect. It is nothing like a Brummie one. The brummie one is awful.

Toni-Ann said...

traditionally footie was seen as a working class sport Audrey, a sport for the masses. Rugby, tennis and cricket were (are) much more middle class spectator sports. Though we live in a more classless society I doubt the demographic has changed that much plus footie has such huge support base it would be suprising if there wasn't trouble

oh I got me some ribbon - yummy!!