Monday, 12 June 2006

Weathered Down!

Oh boy, the weather is really getting to me. Although it rained and that help a fair bit, I could actually feel the slight humidity of weather and actually perspired a bit. By 9pm, I was zonked out, just couldn't take it anymore. Tried as I could to watch CSI, I missed the last bit (the most exciting bit) as I fell asleep! Duh!!! Definitely need to hunt down for my standing fan... I'm sure it's in the loft somewhere!

Ohhh, received some good news this morning but will reveal later (what a tease!) Made my day it certainly did!!!

Remind me NEVER cook sweet sour pork again. Decided to do something different for dinner, checked out the receipe for it over the net and made preparations. The dish required flying the pork so that they are crispy and that's when the problem started. Firstly, my deep fat fryer is filled with oil that needs cleaning out! So started frying them in a little pan. Urghh, ended up being burnt with tiny drops of hot oil... definitely not pleased at all and having to change pot at least 3 times as it was burning! The sweet sour part was easy to fry. And to top it all, my boys didn't like the taste of the sweet sour at all, preferring to eat their rice plain! So much for good efforts! Think I will stick to the usual receipes in future!

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