Thursday, 15 June 2006

Dramatic End!

Whahhhhh! Saw the last episodes of Desperate Housewives... what can I say but it's totally nail gripping and leaves you begging for more!!! All I can say is that it's kept me glued to the TV and I've never been that interested in my life! Mike got hit by a car, Carlos making out with the maid, & Bree in a mental institute etc... Now I really can't wait for the next series!!!

It's Thursday today so it's Grey's Anatomy tonite, another fav American series of mine (I must so get my hands on the 2nd series which is currently showing or has shown in the States and Singapore!!!!) It's a great entertaining programme from beginning to end and leaves you begging for more!

This nifty little plant is a life-saver! What is it? Aloe Vera! Very useful in the kitchen as it a good medicinal plant for any burns that you receive. It will probably do more but each time I burn myself (either thru touching hot stuff or the accidental hot oil splashing one me), I will break the leaves and apply the sap directly onto the sore area. Immediately it helps to soothe the pain, and even lessen the soreness. I once received a really bad burn and immediately applied the aloe vera and did it for a few times in a day. The next day, there was no blister or any painful lesion. Instead, it looked as if it was on the mend, definitely no pain at all. Since then I always recommended it to anyone who received a burn. My BIL sustained some nasty one during a fireworks display and we told him to apply it but he kept pooing the idea but did it and was a convert when he found how well his fingers healed without much pain. That plant grows like wildfire too and I've been giving a bit of it to past visitors and it's still sprouting throughout the year! (as usual, blogger isn't allowing any upload of images!!!)

Alrite, England won the match by 2 goals! Thank goodness as they played a dismal first half and were even booed off the pitch at half time! Do the team have to rely on Rooney to score? It's dangerous if they have to depend on one guy to get them through each qualifying round!!! The irony is that these players literally play football for prestigious clubs and I can't believe out of those clubs we can't find a few good strikers around!!! It would be interesting to see how far they will go in this competition! I wonder how much some of those tickets went for... geesh, if I had one in my possession, I would sell it to the highest bidder so that I can use the cash to go to Scrap-a-ganza (a scrapping retreat in Holland) instead.... would probably have more fun than being in a stadium!

Gosh, been eyeing those Kelly Panacci Funtastik collection but am reminding myself that in a few days time, I will be getting 2 pizza boxes full of papers and bellies, at least 12 new sheets of patterned papers so do I really need to buy more? It's just the temptation I guess!

Rite, off to watch Grey's Anatomy and to settle down to do another assignment on an article. TTFN!

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Toni-Ann said...

I think they are showing Series 2 straight away Audrey