Saturday, 24 June 2006

Bored To Tears!

Popped into Costco in Birmingham for the first time and was literally awed by the place! Massive and loads of stuff in bulk at great value.... wondered why I've not gone earlier but then hubby has never been impressed at such places! Anyway, I was there for one purpose! Heard that they were selling Heidi Swapp emblishments (about 567 pieces) for £21ish!!! It also includes a raw 6x6 album too and loads of alpha bits. Well, found it easily and there were tons in the boxes. Also managed to find some paint brush pens for Oliver's birthday next month. He loves drawing and these paint brush pens will no doubt please him to bits not to mention they don't make that much mess compared to the ordinary paint pots!

In the afternoon, hubby dragged me to his colleague's house with the boys and left me there while he went off with his colleage to play golf! What a boring time I had (even more so when I knew I had a Heidi Swapp embellishment pack to rip apart!)!!! I was forced to watch the live match of cricket between England and Sri Lanka (who incidentally won the match). Anyway, picked up some idea how the game is played and also googled at the captain of the Sri Lanka team who looked kinda cute! He literally won the game for his team with his brillant batting! Never mind that I had to listen and keep an eye on 4, yes FOUR noisy boys shouting and playing rather loudly too! I did of course exchanged conversation with the colleague's wife and his mom but frankly would have preferred to stay at home, at least I could have done some scrapping instead!

During our conversation, they told me some interesting news... that they could easily get me a Sri Lanka maid if I wanted. Well as soon as I get a full time good paid job, that will be my first expenditure on the list! Most of my Singaporean friends have a live-in maid helping them out (& nope, they aren't rich but middle-incomed people, & it's something very common too hence they are horrified to hear that I'm all on my own without maid! Mind you, at least 2 of them are stay-at-home moms too!) Not surprising I loathe living here... I find quality of life sucks big time! Healthcare and dental services are the pits! Food is disgusting especially the lack of fresh fish and variety in fruits! And lately in the news, Cadbury is recalling millions of their chocolates for fear of salmonella and to think they had been hiding that fact for 5 months!!! Oh for God sake, now even chocolates aren't safe in this country and what have I been munching on the last few months, Cadbury chocolates!!! The very same types that they are recalling too! Hygiene in this country leaves much to be desired!

Rite off to pack for tomorrow's scrapping crop! This darn blog site isn't uploading images again... really getting fedup with it now... won't be surprised if I make a switch to typepad soon.... heard it's more reliable and there's a gallery too! Let's see how it goes..... TTFN!

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KimmyS said...

OMG - you are so lucky to have gotten your hands on that HS pack!!! Next time I go to B'ham I have to chec out Costco myself!!!

Poo bums on having to sit through 4 hours of cricket...argh, I would have lost the will to live.

I hear ya on the Health Service and the Cadbury Story is outrageous, it will do mega damage to them. I am so glad I am a Galaxy girl...LOL