Friday, 16 June 2006

Big Stinkin' Toot!

Checked my email this morning and got a big surprise! Creating Keepsakes magazine, a well-known US scrapping magazine has requested one of my LOs for their Idea Annual. I am totally gobsmacked!!! Me!!! I don't even bother submitting to magazines in the first place as it's such a hassle and they are now asking me for my LO instead! Moreover, it isn't one of my fav LOs too, did that LO to commemorate our family outing trip and it has 9 photos on it. But then I think CK is leaning towards multiple photos so perhaps that's what got them interested! I won't go into specifics how they saw that particular LO but suffice to say, I'm like a cheshire cat, wearing an enormous grin on my face the whole day! I'm now waiting for another email to get more info as they had asked me if that LO is available! Until I see that email, I shan't get overly excited!

They say good things come in threes! First, being asked on the Scrapitude DT team, then getting news that CK wants my LO and finally being offered a full time place at nursery where Zac will be attending in Sept! He and I attended an induction programme this afternoon. My eldest went there so I knew the nursery already and it's a good one too! They have 26 morning, afternoon and full time places. Number one, lucky to be accepted by the nursery. Number two, even luckier to be given a full time place as I didn't think I would get it as they have a checklist to see if places could be granted! Moreover, it was revealed that the full time places were over subscribed.... just makes me wonder if parents are that keen to send their kiddos off to school and have some time to themselves??? That will help me tremendously when I return to working life sometime in Sept. Met some of Oliver's ex-teachers and I hope they don't form an impression of Zac as Oliver was fairly well-known there! Zac is completely different from Oliver at that age.

Darn! Still no sign of my Homegrown DT kit yet... so annoying when I've got ideas beaming in my head and not being able to do them! This month's kit is GinX Take a Vacation, so appropriate for the season now. I'm already saving some photos for scrapping and will be doing an altered project for it too. As for Back Porch Memories kit, it should arrive either on the 20th or 21st... that kit delivery is like clockwork, arrives on time! Can't wait to play with WRMK Boho Chic & Diner papers, so yummy! There's also American Craft Bookshelves papers and Fancy Pants Spiffy! What a great selection, no wonder that particularly kit sold out so quickly!

Gosh, in a few more weeks I'll be heading home! Can't wait to see my parents, miss them dearly as well as my friends and to feel entirely comfortable in my own surroundings. Not to mention eating my fav fruits that will be in season too! I think I'm gonna pack early as I always end up sleeping in the wee hours the nite before departure as I would be doing last minute packing. Fortunately, as I'm going home, I don't have to bring much clothes back as I tend to buy when I'm there and I still have a wardrobe of clothes back home! As for the boys, t-shirt materials here tend to be too thick to be worn there so I end up buying good, cheap ones for them! Just have to pack some essential scrapping stuff to bring over. TTFN!

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Toni-Ann said...

way to go Audrey - being stalked by CK ;)

you'll be in their hall of fame next year at this rate!!