Wednesday, 14 June 2006


The official announcement has been made and now I can reveal! I've been invited to be on Scrapitude Design Team! Gosh I'm so thrilled! I hope to be able to inspire with my creation. I start from September onward once I return from my summer hols.

Here's some of my latest creations from the Scraplift challenge:

The only thing I lifted is the vertical stripe of paper and the journalling block. Picture of my youngest playing about in the car. We were waiting for Ollie to finish his soccer practice. I used papers from Blue Cardigan Bloom.

Finally got to scrap these pictures as they have been lying in my photo file for ages! Our ride on the Birmingham Eye. Papers are from One Heart One Mind and they are double-sided too. Simply gorgeous! (part of the Medley kit from Back Porch Memories - so glad to be using these papers as they were piling up)

I had a good read on the Design Secrets book and it's amazing. I'm gonna write down all the design ideas and pointers and see how I can apply them to my creation. It just doesn't tell you the ideas but also show you how they are applied. I love the one on colours, how different colour evoke different meanings! I've reached a point where I need to improve on my LOs, to me, it's simply not decorating a plain piece of paper but it has evolve into a form of art, how I can use colours effectively to tell my stories. Let's hope I can apply some of these ideas as I'm feeling I'm getting into a rut these days!

Had a meeting with Ollie's school and head teachers as they were concerned about his lack of concentration and we talked about setting targets for him to work upon. Work wise he's ok in writing, reading and Maths but the problem is sitting still and concentrating on what is going on as well as needing someone next to him when doing individual work. All I can say is that boys in general do take a while to absorb and they much prefer to be doing things than sitting still and listening. Take a look at how girls and boys play and you can see a visible difference. Girls will sit and play quietly while boys will jump up, make a row and ensure they are visibly seen and heard!!! He's only 5 yrs!!! I feel sorry he has to enter a system where he's being forced to do thing he's not mentally prepared for! Perhaps this country school system isn't working for him and I may have to find alternatives....

Spent the quiet afternoon time I had completing a LO that has been left lingering! Played with Rhonna Farrer Flourishes clear stamps as well as her Scribbles Enchanted papers.

Hooray, E4 is gonna show the last 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives... really luv that programme and definitely not gonna miss it! I hope they will be making more episodes after this! TTFN!

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Toni-Ann said...

well done Audrey!!

I have that blue cardigan paper - it is totally lush :)

loving those Rhonna stamps....