Thursday, 1 June 2006

Out for a Walk!

Took the boys down to Birmingham Town Centre together with their Nan. Didn't really shopped much although I did pop into WHSmith to look at the scrapping stuff and found it to be really pathetic. They had a half price sale but didn't want to waste my £££ buying rubbish! Did a sinful thing and fed the boys MacDonald!!! I usually don't go there especially after watching Supersize Me but the last trip we went was a month ago so I guess there was no harm doing in once in a blue moon! The boys had toys from the movie they saw yesterday, The Wild... a crocodile and a tortoise!
Then we walked to the canals. MIL was in a state of panic as my boys DO NOT walk at the side of you... they have this nasty habit of running about and she worked herself into such a state that I told her to just relax! She was worried that they would fall into the canal or Zac would fall down.... geesh! So what if they did... a lesson to be learnt! God they are boys after all! One thing is for certain, she will NEVER ever bring those 2 out on her own! She'll probably get a heart attack! I'm used to their antics and frankly I gave up being scared ... it's probably a mom's instinct to want to protect their kids but then you also need to give them some leeway for exploration. I see it this way, as long as they will not injure themselves while exploring i.e fall from great heights etc. then I see no reason not to allow them to run free! I guess her way of bringing up kids and mine are vastly different!
Here's some lovely pictures taken of the afternoon. Luckily the sun was out and it was a great day! (as usual blogger not uploading!!!)
Ohhh received 2 fabbo books from Amazon today, Simply Graphic and What about the Words. The latter rocks as it shows how to make journalling fun and enjoyable. In fact, having browsed through the book, it got me motivated and contributed to a LO for the scraplift challenge (yeah, back again at Scrapitude). The other parcel received was from the Scrapitude store where I bought up the SEI 8.5x11" Fantastic Plastic albums. Churning out so much in those sizes that I've completed already 3 albums! Really need to sort the LOs out as they are not in order! Absolutely love that size!

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