Tuesday, 13 June 2006

New Books!

Ohhh, postie came and delivered 2 new books which I bought from the US as they were miles cheaper than buying in the UK even after including p&p!!! Got myself Designing with Type and Designing Secrets (from Scrapbook Etc). Can't wait to have a good browse through to get inspired. Loved the books by Autumn Leaves... very inspiring!

Went to my local newsagent to pick up my Scrapbook Answers magazine and the store lady informed me some crap about the one-off magazine (Scrapbook Answers - How To) being the magazine now or it has changed to it...sigh! What a load of bull! I don't blame her as she got the info from the distributor! I take it the mag hasn't arrived in the UK yet as it's due to be out on June 6th (in the US) so it will take sometime to make its appearance here. It really gets to me that people can come out with crap when they don't know the answers... what's wrong with saying 'I dont' know but I will check' instead of coming out with bullshit! Anyway, I'm going take my May issue to show them that the June/July issue is coming out!!! Hopefully they will go back to the distributor and blast them instead!

Popped into Woolworths and luck must be shining at me cos found a laundry basket for half price. The current one is broken (considering that it is not even a month old!!!) and I do need a new one. Went for a pink one and hoping it will last longer than the last one. Also found some England soccer t-shirt and shorts for half price too so bought that for the boys. At least Ollie will have some proper training gear instead of mismatched t-shirt and shorts!

It's rained today and as luck would have it, during school run. Couldn't find any umbrella in the house so had to run out in the rain to pick my son up. As it was Tuesday, had to bring the eldest for his soccer practice and it was held in the hall as it was still drizzling when we went there. Hall's a little small and had to watch Zac to make sure he didn't venture into the playing area.

Rite, off to have a good browse through my books. Had a flip through and am already impressed by it! TTFN!

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